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A “stimulus” is money spent by the government in order to kick start the economy. The basic premise is simple: The government spends money on purchasing goods and services, which lands in the hands of businesses and workers, who in turn have more money to spend, they buy things, and presto, the economy is booming again. If it only were that simple. What’s wrong with it? Oh, just the usual. Negative side effects and unintended consequences of government action. When the government... Read More→

The following is a comment originally posted in response to this article about Denmark, a country often cited as a paragon of socialist success. It makes excellent points, and therefore deserves a blog post all it’s own. Many thanks to the author. I’d like to weigh in on a few points… First of all, I am an immigrant ACTUALLY living in Denmark and there is quite a bit those on the other side of the world will actually never know until they live here. - The “happiness” argument…if... Read More→

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Yes, he can hide it no longer. Obama’s big government, nanny state, socialist agenda will now be officially funded with fudged numbers, hokus pokus, a dash of I hope you won’t notice, a sprinkle of forget I ever said that, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll add a dose of you’re too stupid to understand. As Obama threatens to veto budget cuts, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner admits that Obama’s proposed budget is unsustainable: With the president’s plan,... Read More→

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Recently a group of billionaires pledged to give the majority of their wealth to charity. (You can read about it in this Wall Street Journal Article.) I propose they give away their fortune to the government, just like they want the rest of us to be forced to do. I also propose they give up their fortunes down to the $250,000 per year level, the level at which the politicians they support claim that you’ve got too much. Having ten billion dollars and giving up nine is no big deal in my... Read More→

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On October 9, 2010, Harvard economics professor N. Gregory Mankiw wrote an article in the NY Times entitled “I Can Afford Higher Taxes. But They’ll Make Me Work Less.” In it, Mankiw describes how taxation is a considerable disincentive for him to take extra work upon himself (on top of his job as a professor) such as writing and speaking. And as you may know, tax revenues form work that’s not being done, amount to exactly zero dollars. That article carries a prime example... Read More→

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The looming expiration date of the “Bush Tax Cuts” is fast approaching. The tax cuts are set to expire on January 1st, effectively raising income, estate, and investment taxes across the board on all income levels, and thereby spurring debates among politicians on what to do. President Obama and other Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi are proposing to extend the tax cuts for the middle class only, i.e. to individuals with incomes of less than $200,000 per year or households with less... Read More→

This was all over the conservative talk shows, but it’s well worth repeating for everyone to see. Obama appointed yet another socialist/communist/Marxist/wealth redistributionist to his administration. This time it’s Donald Berwick, appointed to head Medicare/Medicaid under the new government health system. This appointee was not vetted by Congress, as it’s on recess. Berwick on the British National Health Service: Indeed, any healthcare funding plan that is just, equitable,... Read More→

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What, you didn’t know that? It must necessarily be true, because Obama promised that no household whose income is under $250,000 will see a tax increase, of any type! See Obama promise: But now starting July 1, 2010, a new 10% federal tanning salon tax goes into effect. This tax is part of the new health care law. So in fact, this is yet another example of the welfare state being supported by people other than “the rich.” A major theme on this website is that it’s impossible... Read More→

Following the oil spill in the Gulf last month, President Obama proclaimed a six-month moratorium on all deep-water drilling, undoubtedly in the name of safety and for the public good. However, it appears that the moratorium is nothing more but a tactic to make Obama look good as a tough action taker, and that it would not increase safety and further the economic damage following the spill. The Obama Administration represented the moratorium as a safety recommendation suggested in a report drafted... Read More→

Nancy Pelosi is on record asking the Catholic Church to push her political agenda regarding immigration reform. Now, I thought Democrats were all for complete and total separation of church and state. And here we have the Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi asking the Church to do her bidding. There must be some explanation for this outrage, but somehow it escapes me. Watch Pelosi’s comments here:  Read More →

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