Ronald Reagan Against Socialized Medicine in 1961


In this post I included a speech made by Ronald Reagan in 1961 against a Democratic proposal for socialized health care. This is a classic and it’s still applicable today. It’s amazing how the same issues keep coming up almost fifty years later. One striking point Reagan made was about the freedom of Doctors to choose where and how they practice. Listen to it by playing the following YouTube video:

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It seems like this Socialized medical care is alot like the styles of clothing. What we wore back in the 70′s is came back. Bell bottoms, floods; what we wore in the 80′s is coming back… but then, after awhile we see just how ridiculous the style was in the first place and how ridiculous it is now. It seems like that is happening with the socialized health care and it’s still just as ridiculous as it was back in the 1960′s!


I miss Reagan!!!


Ronald Wilson Reagan was a true American!

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